Hiroshima Nagasaki August, 1945

Hiroshima Nagasaki August, 1945 1970

This documentary is a compilation of silent black-and-white film footage shot by the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki shortly after the atomic bomb blasts in early August 1945. English-language voice-over narration has been added, along with a few scenes from American sources. The film shows the destruction and injury caused by the atomic bombs in graphic detail.

Sekret Enigmy

Sekret Enigmy 1979

Three Polish mathematicians are the first to crack the sophisticated Enigma code used by the Germans just before the Second World War. They build replicas of the Enigma machines and manage to get two of the machines to the British and French code-breakers before the German invasion of Poland in 1939; they ask that recognition be given to their work at the end of the war. After the invasion, the Polish cipher bureau escapes and continues their decoding in Algeria and unoccupied France.

War Classics

War Classics

4 Feature films. Casablanca Express, with Glen Ford (1989), Waterfront with John Carridine (1944), Cold War Killers With Michael Culver (1986), A Yank in Libya with H.B. Warner (1942).


Slash 1984

RAMBO rip-off produced by the Filipino film company Silver Star.


Pianke 1983

The story of a young German boy and his father who befriend a Jewish family during WWII.

Sign of Disaster

Sign of Disaster 1986

A woman defends during World War II her home and her family against Hitler's soldiers.

La generala

La generala 1971

During the Mexican Revolution, a hardened and rich lady landowner is overtaken by the violence of the times. Losing her land and house, she falls in love with a revolutionary leader that is killed by a sadistic and corrupt federal officer. She takes the revolutionary flag and leads a rampage of violence and destruction.